2019 Drink Pink Rose Jolee Bundle

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6 (750ml) bottles 


Regular Price: $90  ($15/bottle)
6 Bottle Bundle Price: $60  ($10/bottle)

We are proud to share that $5.00 of each bundle sold will be donated to Asante for Mammography Screening and Education. This bundle of refreshing wine is the perfect way to treat either yourself or someone you know, and to contribute to finding a cure and to help women prevent breast cancer.

ROSE JOLEE Tasting Notes: 
This crisp, refreshing wine is a staple for Rogue Valley wine drinkers and non-wine drinkers alike!  As an Early Muscat blend with a splash of Grenache for color and complexity, this wine is naturally sweet with fruity aromas of peach and tangerine. This fun wine is balanced perfectly with a slight effervescence and a beautiful bottle, screen printed in silver. To make it even better, every drop in each bottle is completely grown, produced, and bottled locally at Del Rio Vineyards!

2019 Drink Pink Rose Jolee Bundle